WoW Raiding

The main source for all of Ex Inferno’s raid teams. We are ONE team of many teams connected under a common cause. To game. Our raid teams are unique in that they operate independently, yet everyone plays together as one big family.

What separates us from other guilds is we don’t identify as a guild. We identify as a home just as much as a community. Our goals are unique in that we provide a platform for YOU to succeed at what you want to do, not what we want to do.

Each team has its own flavor. All teams prioritize its members and the community over the game, but the plans of attack may widely vary. Check below to find which team suits your own desires.

Interested in connecting with one of the teams? First you need to join us in Discord and get in contact with one of our officers. They are easy to find, just reach out to anybody who is tagged! (Raid leaders names are in parentheses)

Ex Inferno Teams

Ex Inferno @ WoW Progress:  Alliance, Horde

Raiding Schedule image courtesy of Kirainne.