Weekly WoW Round Up 4/3/18-4/9/18 – LOTS of stuff happening!

Weekly WoW Round Up 4/3/18-4/9/18

  • Darkmoon Faire runs until 4/7! Great time to work on leveling those alts!
  • Noblegarden event all week! Get those eggs!
  • PvP Brawl: Arathi Blizzard is active all week! AB, but you can’t see anyone too far away through all that blizzardy snow!
  • Timewalking Dungeon Event all week! Don’t forget to grab the weekly quest before you start for a free piece of gear and an extra bonus roll token! **WARNING** Many guildies have reported a glitch where their quest resets to 0 completed if they log off and log back in. I recommend doing all 5 at once and turning it in immediately before logging out!
  • March of the Tadpoles 4/5 – The baby Winterfin murlocs of Borean Tundra complete their trip across the Westrift. So cute!
  • [H] Glory of the Legion Hero achievement runs are happening all week with Kwayze! Every night (except Sunday), meet up with Kwayze from 7-8 pm EST to get whatever missing achieves you need!
  • [H] Glory of the Argus Raider achievement run Saturday at 8:30 pm EST, directly following the Legion Hero run. Hosted by Kwayze!

Want to run an event? Anyone in the guild is welcome to host an event! Contact an officer if you need help setting it up or want to make sure it’s on the Weekly WoW Round Up list!


This week’s Mythic+ affixes are: Teeming (4), Quaking (7), Fortified (10)


Congrats Orange on 11/11H!
Congrats Red on 5/11M!
Congrats Pink on 11/11H!


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