Teamspeak, we love you!

Update: We are up and going! Thanks so much to Eloy and the Teamspeak crew for responding so quickly. We totally enjoy and love Teamspeak and well… the level of customer service matches the quality of the program!

I didn’t realize the license was only for 6 months, otherwise I would have re-applied a month ago to insure un-interrupted service for our community members.  As all of you know, we don’t make a dime off of this venture and are only operating thanks to the good graces of others to keep this community going.

We’re the same (size et al) as we were roughly 6 months ago with the same exact website, I don’t anticipate there being any problems getting re-instated.  I’ll keep you all up-to-date on how things are going.

Until then, please use our 1000 slot Mumble server we have.  Yes, yes, it’s not as great as Teamspeak, but with a community of over 300+ active members we can’t all be on the temporary 35 slot TS server we have put back up in place. Let’s hope Teamspeak (The Company) fixes this ASAP as it is quite a hardship on our members.