Team Red

Hold my beer and watch this!

Team Red Leadership


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Hold my beer and watch this!

Be the best you can be, open for criticism, contribute where you can, and check that elitist attitude at the door!


  • Fri [900 PM – 1200 AM] EST
  • Sat [900 PM – 1200 AM] EST


Loot rules for Team Red are Personal Loot.


Voice Communications are on Discord with the Ex Inferno community. Don’t have Discord yet? Click here to download the app.

Need a link to our Discord? Well here it is! Ex Inferno Discord Server

Team News

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Team Red has picked back up!

After struggling with different issues for a little while, Team Red pulled through and got down both Mythic Antoras High Command AND Mythic Eonar in the same weekend! So proud of everyone for sticking through and being a part of the team and making the raid a nice,...

Team Red 2/11 Mythic!

After our in-game gambling session during break, Team Red's fiery spirits were refueled and ready for our final pull on Mythic Hounds. With 15 minutes to spare, we managed to down dogs with almost no casualties! We plan for our next challenge to be Mythic High...

Team Red 1/11 Mythic!

Late on Saturday night, near the end of raid time. Team Red accomplished the first Mythic Kill for Ex Inferno in Antorus the Burning Throne! This is only the beginning as they will be moving forward in the coming weeks to kill more bosses. Be sure to drop by and check...

Don't Be Shy. Get In Touch.

If you are interested in a spot on the team, get in contact with us! Best way is here, through Discord!