Alliance Teams Down Garrosh!

POT and ENV Merge to Down Garrosh-25M!

Last night, Pirates of Tomorrow [POT] and Envy [ENV] joined together to clear Siege of Orgimmar 25-man normal, earning guild members their titles and achievements for downing Garrosh Hellscream before Patch 6.0 goes live.

The two teams have never previously raided together, this week’s lockout being the first time they have ever paired up. [POT], lead by raid leader Artoriux and raid assist Tharviol, is Ex Inferno’s 10-man Alliance heroic team; and they have been hard at work trying to clear Siege of Orgrimmar before the release of Warlords of Draenor. [ENV], lead by raid leader Aearowen and raid assists Pulaski and Zechiach, has recently merged together from its two constituent 10-man teams to complete a full 25-man roster in preparation for mythic raiding.

The two teams were able to down Garrosh in only four attempts, despite never stepping foot in Siege of Orgimmar as a group.

Please join us in congratulating the two teams on their hard work and Envy for getting their first Garrosh kill!

POT and ENV Garrosh Kill