Team Pink

the working man's casual progression team



Team Leader, Community Chairman
One of the longest standing members of the community, Cntrl, has been the Team Leader for Pink since Nighthold, and an officer of the raid since its inception.


Raid Lead/Shot Caller Extraordinaire!
Brisket is one of the strategists involved in every decision made towards the success of Team Pink. He strives to push a fun but productive raid night. He is also the communities purveyor of fine meats for hire. He makes some mean beef jerky, that is guaranteed to provide a satisfying mouthful.


Team Officer – Lead Recruiter
Joining us in the middle of the Legion expansion, Other than being bad-ass tank! Bo exudes leadership qualities. You never have to ask for help with Bo, he picks up on queues for assistance and hops right in. Be-it individual or team-wide.


Team Lead Assist, Horde Game Lead
Being a part of Team Pink from the get go, SoulSyphon is one of our veteran raiders. He lives and breaths our motto while looking to maintain our teams credo, Play hard and have fun! He assists in ensuring that the team is properly ran and every raid is a success.


Team Officer
Cel has been with us since the start of the raid team. His perseverance and calm nature have been key to the growth of the team. If we had one word for him, it would be “Anchor”.

The Working Man's Group

Built as a Casual Progression group, and due to the 18+ atmosphere provided by the Ex Inferno community, Team Pink consists of a lot of folks who just want to come home from work and tear through some bosses. Also, while doing so, the Team enjoys being able to kick back, drink a few beers, and have fun.


  • Wed [830 PM – 1000 PM] EST
  • Fri [830 PM – 1130 PM] EST


Loot rules for Team Pink are Personal


Voice Communications are on Discord with the Ex Inferno community. Don’t have Discord yet? Click here to download the app.

Need a link to our Discord? Well here it is! Ex Inferno Discord Server

Team News

learn about what has been happening with team pink


Team Pink is Beefing up for BFA

That's right folks, we are looking for a few more team members to build out our "Heroic" roster for BFA. Looking for a lower time commitment for raiding, want to have a good time with friends on raid night? We may be the place for you. Get with our recruitment team...

Makin it to Mythic

A new height for Team Pink! We've stepped into Mythic with the hope's of pushing ourselves into another realm of play, while keeping our teams core values close to heart.

Don't Be Shy. Get In Touch.

If you are interested in a spot on the team, get in contact with us! Best way is here, through Discord!