Ex Inferno Leadership: Officers

Help us keep this community great!

TS Interview REQUIRED for ALL Members!

Anyone (you don’t know) that is going to join the community must get on our Teamspeak server. We want good, decent folks to be members. We don’t need or want mass amounts of people. EVERY person should be talked to prior to getting a guild/clan/whatever invite. The only exception to this rule is if you already know the person and think they would be a great fit for the community.

Officers, MAKE SURE all members know they have invite permissions, but that THEY TOO need to follow the “No Invite”-without-talking-to-someone-on-Teamspeak-first-rule.

Be Active or step down

Officers should make sure they are actively doing something: Recruiting, building their team, assisting their Team Leader, GuildMaster, etc… We don’t need Officers just to be “Cool”. If you feel like you can no longer lead your team, or don’t have the time, then help us find someone to take over! A lot of our members are former officers who have chosen to simply step down and not lead. You can always step up again in the future if an opportunity arises.

One to Five Ratio

We ask that you keep a 1 to 5 ratio of Officer to Members in the community. If there are TONS of members and no leadership, then nothing gets done. (One to Four can be ok in the case of some games: SW:TOR, The Division, SMITE etc…)

Interested in Leading a Team?

Each of our Team Leaders (Not Jr. Officers) are responsible for a crew of people. You may have anywhere from 8 to 40 members of your team. You may have from 1 to 7 Asst. Team Leaders. You will be responsible for making sure your groups meeting times are posted in your Team $COLOR forums. Post up any loot rules and expectations for your members so they know what is required of them.

Talk to a GuildMaster

If you truly want to lead a team, then find one of our Guild Masters and let them know you are interested in getting a group off the ground. We ask that you abide by the following:

  • No Internal Poaching (Don’t steal members from other teams)
  • You’ll need a Team Color – Get GM’s approval
  • Set up a forum for your team and Teamspeak channel!
  • Please avoid overlap of schedules.  (Pick times that don’t interfere with your existing factions/clans teams)

Our Organization

If you click here, you’ll see a copy of our current organizational chart. This shows who is in charge of what game; who is in charge of a particular team and who you might contact on Teamspeak if you wish to volunteer to lead or even if you just need help!

Open Door

Keep in mind that while we might have a “Structured” leadership schema, we also want anyone to feel open to come and talk, discuss, suggest and yes, complain to about issues. If you feel something isn’t being handled right in the community, please let me know!

· QuickSilver (Community Leader)