Oceanic & EU WoW Guilds open for Business!

We’re currently looking for Leadership on our Oceanic and EU WoW Guilds for both Horde & Alliance.  If you are interested, hop on and talk with Claudia, Unhallow, Endra or myself(Sick) and let’s chat!  We’re already over 300+ active members strong across multiple games and we have people from all over the world!

We’re about Quality over Quantity though.  This is NO Zerg guild at all.  All members must apply and submit to an interview before being considered to be a part of our community.

Hop on our Teamspeak server and let’s chat! (Click to connect now!)

Teamspeak Server Info: exinferno.com

GM’s: If you are already a Guild Master, or an officer in another guild, why not consider a merger with us! We do have a process by which we bring our officers and GM’s (and Team Leaders) on board, but we’d love to talk to you about it. Team Leaders (Raid and RBG Leaders) will enjoy 100% full control over your team. Get the benefits of a bigger community with the small community feel.