Have Mumble already installed?  Simply click the logo to connect to our server!


Don’t have Mumble installed, or know what it is?  Mumble is actually a better “Vent” clone (Voice Chat Tool) and gaining popularity due to its cross platform support. It is free just like Vent is!

Mumble Download Link

You can download Mumble for free if you simply click the following link:

Our Mumble Server Information 

If you would like to create an entry for <Ex Inferno>, use the following information:

  • Label: <Ex Inferno>
  • Address:
  • Port: 16969
  • Username: It is required that you use your MAIN’s name, ie, Your Forum name here.
  • Our Mumble is open, there is no password!

If you have problems, simply ask anyone in «Ex Inferno» and they can help you get setup. Many thanks to my friend Kyle for providing this Mumble service for us!

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