Members can now invite & Other news!

In the olden days, Members could invite.  It was great.  We grew and needed some restraints in place to keep things not too big and well, I think we’ve figured out how to manage a large influx of members by now so we are lifting these restraints.  I think every member should be able to find a friend or talk to someone and have them come and participate in helping the community grow.

Members & Officers, please make sure you ask the questions of any potential member that can be found here:

Reddit vs. Our Current Forums.

So, I’ve never been a big fan of any forums personally.  I was talked into moving away from reddit about 4+ years ago and well, the time has come to bail out on them IMHO.  So we’re going back to our old sub-reddit.  Come hop over and join the conversation!

I’ll be posting our recent community forum(mp3)… you should be able to see it fairly soon over on our sub-reddit so you can listen until your heart is content.

That’s all for now!  More as we have it.