Join Us!

Don’t Be A Dick.

It’s that simple!  Just because someone has a different opinion than yours, or thinks or feels another way, there’s no reason to be a jerk about things.  Let’s live and let live. You might be a dick if…

  • You attack or mock another person’s race, religion, or sexual orientation
  • You intentionally put people down or make them feel unwanted
  • Make unwarranted sexual advances towards others
  • You blatantly ignore other people’s areas of sensitivity on purpose
  • You talk about other people behind their back in a negative manner
  • You think you are better than other people because you can play a game better

At our core, we desire a calm, friendly community who will focus on progression together as a group and not devolve into flame wars and in-fighting. Discrimination in any way will not be tolerated.

The Ex Inferno Community membership is run just like a family. There might come a day when a member may move out, but if they decide that they would like to come back our doors are always open to them so long as they have not violated our #1 Rule: Blades out, not in. Members may not attack another member, verbally, physically, or in any other way. Doing so will lead to banishment from the Community.

18+ only!

A lot of us are older, we have kids of our own and aren’t looking to babysit anyone. So bring your highest level of chill and enjoy the crew. We want folks who are interested in a long term gaming community relationship; not just folks looking for quick gear.

We aren’t going to ID anyone, but honestly, it’s quite easy to ascertain your maturity level. We also ask that you respect Game Terms of Service and EULA’s. Cheating will not be tolerated.

Be Social!

Look, if you are going to be here, BE HERE! Interact. Be a part of the crew and socialize. We have all sorts of ways to interact: Twitter, Reddit, Discord and we’re adding more each day it seems. Get down with the sickness and come and rock out with us. 🙂

Keep it light and chill.  We want to create an environment where folks feel welcome and not ridiculed.

Still want to join?

Before you join our community, you will need to do a brief interview with a Member or Officer. This is for us to suss you out and make sure you’d be a great fit within our community. It is also a time for you to find out and get to know us before joining. If you are interested in joining, simply reach out to us on Discord and one of us will get in touch with you right away.

Ex Inferno Discord Server

Thank you for your interest in Ex Inferno and the best of luck to you! –Sick (Founder)