Ex Inferno and WS Megaserver

This past Wednesday, all existing realms in WildStar were combined into regional Megaservers, a change introduced by Carbine in response to dwindling subscription numbers. To explain what this change means for Ex Inferno, Senior Officer Paw (also the raid lead of Cardio-D) wrote the following:

As is the case with any developer dealing with an MMO launch, Carbine Studios has been faced with tough decisions to make regarding the progress of Wildstar. From declining population to itemization and class balance lapses, the list never seems to grow shorter for the California-based developer. With the release of Warlords of Draenor looming, the ever-listening devs have realized the need to bring about round-house changes to board up the windows and keep the Iron Horde at bay.

On Wednesday, they successfully executed perhaps the most important of these changes. In just over 15 hours of downtime, an impressive time given the task at hand, Carbine combined all existing realms into region and ruleset locked Megaservers. This change has brought together all of the players in North America onto a single realm based on their server type (PvE/PvP). As a response to a launch-day overreaction to open up more servers, the merge aims to eliminate the ghost-towns and day to day issues associated with a dwindling server pop.

Ex Inferno has landed on the Entity realm and, as far as we can tell, could not be happier with our situation. Within a few minutes of logging in, we had a promising opportunity for a guild merger and managed to get a “welcome to the megaserver” PUG raid going. Both of these would have been near impossible on the old servers. In addition to these immediate benefits, a slight breath of fresh air has been the advent of character last names. In order to prevent identical names, Carbine has added surnames into the game. This has led to names like “Your Majesty”, “Gamma Rays”, “Deamo McDreamo” and “Exa Ferno” (really dude?!) as well as some hilarious zone chat names from other people on the server. This cheeky attitude and the visually palpable rise in player density make Wildstar feel like an MMO again.

That being said, Carbine still has a lot of work to do. There are glaring issues with RNG, gear value and optimization, PvP ratings/gear and class balance. The game may be more populated, but the real test is coming in early November. The upcoming Drop 3 should take steps in the right direction, but from the perspective of many active and dedicated players, it is Carbine’s last chance to show us all that they know what they’re doing. Although they have realized this and have thus held back the original launch of Drop 3 (originally early October), there are still many questions left for Carbine to answer. Everyone knows actions speak louder than words, so here’s to hoping that the devs truly are listening.

– Paw

A big thanks to Paw for taking the time to assess and comment on these changes. We definitely hope to see an influx of new members with the fresh Megaserver and will always welcome guilds looking to merge.

If you are interested in playing WildStar with Ex Inferno, please head over to the forums and fill out an application. We are always looking for excellent raiders and players seeking a fun environment to enjoy the game.