EU WoW Community Launches!

Ex Inferno expands into the World of Warcraft on our European side!

We’re excited to see that WildStar is just the first taste of offerings for our European community.  We are building and working towards both Alliance and Horde guilds for the next up and coming Expansion from Blizzard: Warlords of Draenor.  If you are interested, find Kappa or Nnyerix on Mumble and let’s get rocking!

If you happen to have characters on any of the following servers, you can still join our guild!

Shattered Halls EU / Balnazzar EU / Ahn’Qiraj EU / Trollbane EU / Talnivarr EU / Chromaggus EU / Boulderfist EU / Daggerspine EU / Laughing Skull EU / Sunstrider EU