The Headless Showdown Event!

This Saturday, November 1st, Ex Inferno is to join forces with Silent Council to host the Headless Showdown Event in WildStar! These two guilds are collaborating to bring the WildStar community Halloween-themed activities and events that are sure to be engaging and full of fun.

With Carbine failing to deliver a holiday event as they had previously discussed, it is important that players remain encouraged and excited about a game that still has so much potential. The purpose of this event is to unite the WildStar community in an amusing way and boost morale across the board – the developers are listening, but the community is acting!

Activities include a spooky maze, costume contest, Grand Prix mount race, and more. The night will kick off with cross-faction Warplots and end with a large DJ event hosted by both guilds. There will be prizes, streams, and bragging rights galore! *Note: Warplots are cross-faction, all events are Dominion only.

And if you can’t be here to enjoy all the fun, be sure to catch us on our Twitch; and stay tuned to any post-footage and screenshots of the events (information provided below).

Make sure to stop by for a night of chills, thrills, and spectacular kills. Help bring the WildStar community together this Halloween weekend!

Contacts for circle invite here:

Dominion: Bigwick Digga, Bellemorte Corragon, or Audiostyle

Exile: Synl Inferno, Legoz Greenleaf, or Mr Jowsteen

Guilds Websites here:

Ex Inferno

Silent Council

Event flyer and further Event details found here:

Event Info

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