Destiny PvP and PvE Progression

This post has been a long time coming, and it is with my pleasure that I announce the progression of our Destiny raid and PvP teams. Game Director Zygsy and Officer Sydx have done an excellent job organizing and leading the efforts in taking our community to the console, and their accomplishments in-game are just an example of how successful Ex Inferno can be when utilizing other gaming platforms.

Since Destiny’s launch on September 9th, the first 6v6 group, lead by Officer Sydx, has cleared raid content each week and is undefeated in over 150 PvP matches. This team will soon make attempts on an Undying run and will then move to hard modes. The members of this team are as follows:

  • Bondac: Titan
  • Barlun: Hunter
  • Sydx: Warlock (Raid Leader)
  • Wrathkear: Warlock
  • Zygsy: Hunter
  • Ataxa: Titan

Zygsy and Ataxa are also members of the 3v3 PvP team, now undefeated in over 100 matches.  Friskyrum, the third member of the 3v3 team and leader of the second 6v6 team, has also lead this new team to clear raid content in its very first week. The members of this team are as follows:

  • Frajcar: Warlock
  • Monreen: Hunter
  • Friskyrum: Warlock (Raid Leader)
  • Wangsdinz: Warlock
  • Thxyoutoo: Titan
  • Kingleil_33: Hunter

A big congratulations to all of the members who have made Destiny so successful for our community. Look forward to future screenshots, leader interviews, and news of the teams’ successes in the upcoming Iron Banner event.

If you are interested in raiding / PvPing with Ex Inferno – Destiny, please head over to our forums and fill out an application. We currently have members playing across all consoles, and we are always looking to expand our community!