Community-Wide Contest #2!

Last week, Ex Inferno hosted its first community-wide contest. Contestants were to post the words “Pick Me” on the corresponding forum for a chance to win some loot from Zygsy’s arsenal of goodies. A big congratulations to contest winners Kitty, SaintSnnr, and Lamb!

Our second community-wide contest began last night and lasts until Halloween night, October 31st. To enter, contestants must post a picture on the forums that contains the following words in some way:

  • Moon
  • Crystal
  • Frightening

Pictures can be taken in real-time, painted, drawn, photo-shopped, etc. Just make sure they’re fun and wacky! Prizes for this contest were donated by a few, long-standing members – winners will have a chance to choose from a pool of Steam games.

*Note: all members of the community may enter this contest – there is no membership restriction for this round of prizes.

Good luck and happy Halloween!