[A] Spotlight goes 9/12

I know our Alliance brethren won’t brag about it so I will!  They are making really nice progress and hell should have 12/12 sewed up in the next week or two.  Grats to Solid and the whole team.


[H] Frantic goes 6/12

Prior to our Alliance guild joining, we had been stuck @ 1/12 for almost 10 weeks.  With the addition of their help and guidance  and adding in a few new members we’ve finally gone 6/12.  Hoping to get a repeat next week.

For some reason it’s not showing up on WoW Progress, but… Check here.

[A] Spotlight hits 6/12.








Week 2 of raiding is coming to a close. Solidifying the roster and pushing out the content faster. Keep up the progress fellas, soon enough heroics will be within reach.