Team Red 1/11 Mythic!

Late on Saturday night, near the end of raid time. Team Red accomplished the first Mythic Kill for Ex Inferno in Antorus the Burning Throne! This is only the beginning as they will be moving forward in the coming weeks to kill more bosses. Be sure to drop by and check them out! You can even watch them live through Fridays and Saturdays at 9PM EASTERN!!

It’s been a rough road!

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It hasn’t been easy for us this expansion. Fluctuation in our roster, gaining cohesion in our strats, and team members pulling together to down content, but by George I think we got it. Its been the first time in weeks where I am feeling like progress is coming. The team as a whole deserves recognition for sticking it out, as long term it only makes us stronger. Time to start kicking ass!

– Cntrl

We’re Still Here and Progressing

Lets face it, its been a rough road for the Warcraft Crew. Break time between EN and the heavily anticipated patch left many teams with a lot of work to get back into progression, but the strong have persevered. Team Pink and Team Silver on [H] <Area52> are currently progressing through Heroic Nighthold, and if your interested there is still time to join in on the fun.

Get with a team member in game for details or to be refereed to an Raid Team officer for more details.