[H] Frantic goes 6/12

Prior to our Alliance guild joining, we had been stuck @ 1/12 for almost 10 weeks.  With the addition of their help and guidance  and adding in a few new members we’ve finally gone 6/12.  Hoping to get a repeat next week.

For some reason it’s not showing up on WoW Progress, but… Check here.

Welcome Solid & Crew

<Ex Inferno> on Alliance side just went full cra cra.  Solid and his team of raiders have joined up and taken over the reigns of our Alliance guild.  Look for 12/12[H] in a week or so. 😉

Welcome to everyone that has moved in.  If you need anything, find “Sick” on Mumble!

Almost done…

Working to try and get the website up and going.  I’ve got most of the color bits completed.  I need to get the forums online and allow for User Registration.