Team Pink Keep on Keeping On!

Team Pink continues its Legion progression in taking out Mythic Felhounds of Sargeras and we are going to continue in our push for content prior to the BFA release. Hopefully we’ll have some more raiding updates to share in the near future. Great work Pink!

Team Pink is Beefing up for BFA

That’s right folks, we are looking for a few more team members to build out our “Heroic” roster for BFA. Looking for a lower time commitment for raiding, want to have a good time with friends on raid night? We may be the place for you. Get with our recruitment team for more information.

Beefing up, isn’t always about bringing more into the fold. Its also about getting your workouts in. Team Pink is 1/11 Mythic Antorus! This is the first mythic level kill for our team in raid history. Kudos to the the team for sticking things out. A special thanks to Sympathy and Tidlea for filling a couple of spots to get us to the 20-man marker.


Makin it to Mythic

A new height for Team Pink! We’ve stepped into Mythic with the hope’s of pushing ourselves into another realm of play, while keeping our teams core values close to heart.

Kickin It!

2 Weeks Past, 2 Bosses Down! In classic Team Pink fashion, its about having the switch flip on a kill. Coven was a bit of a pain, but the team is feeling the rhythm and we cleared through and got Aggramar down as well. Those who have been waiting patiently to get their AoTC now have it in their sights.


I’ve been on FMLA

Ha, almost got ya!

I have been away though handling family items which kept me away from raiding for a little over a month, but in my stead the teams officers have done an excellent job keeping the right team members on board and making progress. I left with us barely making progress on High Command in heroic, to being able to progress through Kin’Garoth on about 1.5 hours. Great Job Team Pink! Let’s keep our focus and continue to progress.

Rock out!


It’s been a rough road!

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It hasn’t been easy for us this expansion. Fluctuation in our roster, gaining cohesion in our strats, and team members pulling together to down content, but by George I think we got it. Its been the first time in weeks where I am feeling like progress is coming. The team as a whole deserves recognition for sticking it out, as long term it only makes us stronger. Time to start kicking ass!

– Cntrl

We’re Still Here and Progressing

Lets face it, its been a rough road for the Warcraft Crew. Break time between EN and the heavily anticipated patch left many teams with a lot of work to get back into progression, but the strong have persevered. Team Pink and Team Silver on [H] <Area52> are currently progressing through Heroic Nighthold, and if your interested there is still time to join in on the fun.

Get with a team member in game for details or to be refereed to an Raid Team officer for more details.

Team Silver 13/13 Heroic HFC

Congratulation’s are due to our Horde raid team on the Area 52 server. Team Silver is now 13/13 Heroic Hellfire Citadel. The community is looking forward to seeing┬áMythic progression down the road.