Minecraft is back!

We have our own Minecraft server!  Come join us by killing some creepers and building stuffs.  🙂  If you have any questions find “Sick” or “Komyoji” on our Teamspeak server and we can help you out.

Minecraft Server Info: exinferno.com

New Forums are set up! MyBB Returns!

So yeah, we used to use MyBB, but we’re back to it.  We don’t have anything other than a starter category set up right now but more will follow soon.  Click the “Forums” link and head over and create your account.  🙂

PvE comes to Ex Inferno!

We have this request from members for a long time, and well, we’re finally doing it!  Our main Alliance PvE guild is going to be on Stormrage.   Hit us up!

Join us on Line App!

A great way for us to stay in touch out-of-game is “Line”.  It’s a free app for both Android and iPhone devices.  Look for me “Sick” or “Jessa702” to get an invite to our Ex Inferno chat group!  Hope to see you there!

Members can now invite & Other news!

In the olden days, Members could invite.  It was great.  We grew and needed some restraints in place to keep things not too big and well, I think we’ve figured out how to manage a large influx of members by now so we are lifting these restraints.  I think every member should be able to find a friend or talk to someone and have them come and participate in helping the community grow.

Members & Officers, please make sure you ask the questions of any potential member that can be found here:  http://exinferno.com/i

Reddit vs. Our Current Forums.

So, I’ve never been a big fan of any forums personally.  I was talked into moving away from reddit about 4+ years ago and well, the time has come to bail out on them IMHO.  So we’re going back to our old sub-reddit.  Come hop over and join the conversation!

I’ll be posting our recent community forum(mp3)… you should be able to see it fairly soon over on our sub-reddit so you can listen until your heart is content.

That’s all for now!  More as we have it.

Alliance PvP Guild moves to Sargeras Realm!

Team Black, our Progression Raid Team, has moved over to Sargeras to have a much bigger pool of folks to recruit from.  Korgath is dying.  We’ve already moved our Horde guild from Korgath and this move was simply inevitable.

Team Orange will still be staying behind for the time being as we’re mostly casual folks doing casual raiding.  I’ll eventually start leveling a toon over there and might even level my Demon Hunter there when Legion comes out!

Stay tuned for more news.

-Moo. (Sick)

Guild Wars 2 is picking up steam!

A lot of our members are now flocking to GW2 to enjoy the new free 2 play that has just recently been launched.  If you are interested in joining us, download the game and hop in our GW2 Teamspeak channel to chat!

Ex Inferno Horde moves to Bleeding Hollow Server!

We’ve been on Korgath for 5 years now, and well I’m sad to say it’s time to say goodbye.  We wish everyone still there the best of luck.  We’ve moved to “Bleeding Hollow” because we feel it offers us a much better opportunity to recruit, grow and build our Horde guild.  (Our Alliance guild will remain on Korgath for now.)  Come join us on our new home!