Team Green breaks the Worldbreaker

Monday night, Team Green stepped into Mythic Antorus and gave Garothi Worldbreaker a good wollup. He never stood a chance. Some amazing attempts were put into Felhounds of Sargeras, so keep an eye here next week for that incoming kill shot! Good work, Green. Keep it up!


Team Red 1/11 Mythic!

Late on Saturday night, near the end of raid time. Team Red accomplished the first Mythic Kill for Ex Inferno in Antorus the Burning Throne! This is only the beginning as they will be moving forward in the coming weeks to kill more bosses. Be sure to drop by and check them out! You can even watch them live through Fridays and Saturdays at 9PM EASTERN!!

Ex Inferno 1/7 H EN!

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Congratulations to #TeamCyan for getting the ball rolling on progression. Already making a name for ourselves on Area-52! Keep it up!


Hollis hits 110!

Our first Alliance member has hit 110!  We are very proud of him and our Ally crew.  Keep it up guys(and gals)!  I wonder how many 110’s we’ll have in 24hrs?  😉

Quicksilver promoted to Community Leader

It’s a page turning event!  I’m official stepping down as Community Leader and Quicksilver is stepping up!  His Board of Directors will be lead by our Chairman “Cntrl” and the Board members are: Sick, Muggen, Kujo, Gwynnth, Komyoji and ElCoronel.  Kittyoji is our Secretary.  We’re moving forward, expect kick ass things!  Congrats again Quicksilver!  I have 100% confidence in his ability to lead us to a new and amazing direction.

We’re on Facebook!

So yeah, I’ve put this off forever mainly because well, I hate facebook.  Everyone has clamored for it so damnit, here it is!  It’s actually not 100% horrible. 🙂  Enjoy and have fun everyone!

Elite Dangerous comes to Ex Inferno

We’re just getting started and as such we are looking for folks interested in helping us build up this segment of our community.  If you have what it takes, look for “Sick” and talk to him to see about how we can proceed! Also read through our “Officers” requirements.

This game looks amazing and has tons of potential.  We’re playing Star Citizen as well as Space Engineers too.  Loves you some space?  Grab the game and let’s rock!