Thanks for the hearty welcoming

First off would like to say it is a pleasure to be part of this vast gaming community secondly I would like to give a small snippet about my self and the direction of my¬† raid team I’ve been main tanking in mmo’s since 2005 I’ve been on gamer weekly magazines i was rank during wrath in the top 3% I’ve also had the privilege of tanking for the 10th ranked US guild during wrath as well Temporary Insanity on kilrogg i left the game as cata was dropping and came back for MOP on my return back to the “Spotlight” I’ve ran across¬†several guys that i couldn’t imagine taking the journey without our raids and game time are full of laughs and smiles with that natural since of business in the air my team is composed of like minded people eager to see the top of the mountain we take great strides to not only learn everything there is to know about our classes¬†and how to get the most out of them but more importantly we all game by the same rules no one gets left behind you don’t have to be an elitist to play with my group/guild

Solids Progression:ólid/

Visit our Team’s page by clicking here:

Welcome Solid & Crew

<Ex Inferno> on Alliance side just went full cra cra. ¬†Solid and his team of raiders have joined up and taken over the reigns of our Alliance guild. ¬†Look for 12/12[H] in a week or so. ūüėČ

Welcome to everyone that has moved in. ¬†If you need anything, find “Sick” on Mumble!

We are on Bublaa!

This looks like a really nice forums site / tool thingy. ¬†The only last thing I need is to find out if we can assign folks moderator¬†privileges. ¬† Without that, it’s kinda problematic given some potentially mean ex-members.

Hopefully they can get this sorted in the future, or maybe I just don’t know the feature exists and need to find it.!/bubble/ex-inferno


Almost done…

Working to try and get the website up and going. ¬†I’ve got most of the color bits completed. ¬†I need to get the forums online and allow for User Registration.