Welcome to Rayzor & Friends!

We have recently picked up about 7 or 8 folks who have joined us who have all been long time friends in gaming, and we are honored to have them with us.

[A] Spotlight goes 9/12

I know our Alliance brethren won’t brag about it so I will!  They are making really nice progress and hell should have 12/12 sewed up in the next week or two.  Grats to Solid and the whole team.


[H] Frantic goes 6/12

Prior to our Alliance guild joining, we had been stuck @ 1/12 for almost 10 weeks.  With the addition of their help and guidance  and adding in a few new members we’ve finally gone 6/12.  Hoping to get a repeat next week.

For some reason it’s not showing up on WoW Progress, but… Check here.

[A] Spotlight hits 6/12.








Week 2 of raiding is coming to a close. Solidifying the roster and pushing out the content faster. Keep up the progress fellas, soon enough heroics will be within reach.

[A] Spotlight moving up the ranks

The Ally side guild is now ranked 86th server wide in one week of raiding good job guys finishing the night off by taking torto down to 34% we only put two nights aside for Tot this week we will be putting in three as of Thursday continue bringing a good positive attitude and the sky is the limit for this group here quick reminder Heroic MSV Tuesday watch the videos and be prepared -Solid-