And so it begins! Star Citizen comes to Ex Inferno!

Star Citizen is an online massively multiplayer game set in the area we will know as the verse; expanding into the deep unknowns of space. Star Citizen is at its core a skill based space combat game where gorgeous ships dogfight for supremacy like World War II fighters and bombers scaling up to massive destroyers and carries. Beyond that, Star Citizen features a comprehensive economy where players can be manufacturers, shippers, bounty hunters, pirates, explorers, combat escort pilots, miners, refiners, and most anything else you can imagine inside a galactic economy. You will also put your feet on  the ground and explore many worlds.  You will fly, you will explore, you will make it big, or you will burn out in the stars, good luck pilots.

If you are interested in joining us for Star Citizen please see “PapaBear” on our Forums or Teamspeak server!