Hollis hits 110!

Our first Alliance member has hit 110!  We are very proud of him and our Ally crew.  Keep it up guys(and gals)!  I wonder how many 110's we'll have in 24hrs?  😉

First 110 / Grats Artrine

He's one of our Team Cyan DPS and is now the first in Ex Inferno to reach 110!  Grats to him and we look forward to great things from him and Team Cyan in the days and weeks to come!  Keep on rockin me! Follow us for more updates @Ex_Inferno

Quicksilver promoted to Community Leader

It's a page turning event!  I'm official stepping down as Community Leader and Quicksilver is stepping up!  His Board of Directors will be lead by our Chairman "Cntrl" and the Board members are: Sick, Muggen, Kujo, Gwynnth, Komyoji and ElCoronel.  Kittyoji is our...

Minecraft is Back!

We now have our Minecraft server back up and going.  Sorry it has been down so long.  If you are interested in joining you will need to get whitelisted.  Head over to our Minecraft site and click the "Request Whitelist Access" AFTER you have read the Server Rules.

Migrating to Lefora Forums!

I've fallen in love. 🙂 We have found a great hosted solution for Community forums and we're really excited to be there on Lefora. If you need forums for any project, consider using them. They are free!  Nope Look here... Visit their Website: Lefora.com

We’re on Facebook!

So yeah, I've put this off forever mainly because well, I hate facebook.  Everyone has clamored for it so damnit, here it is!  It's actually not 100% horrible. 🙂  Enjoy and have fun everyone!

Team Pink – Area 52 Completes Normal HFC

That's right folks. The workers raid team gets the Archimonde kill. Some may have thought it impossible with our limited raid time, but we have done it. Heroic HFC - You are not Prepared!

Elite Dangerous comes to Ex Inferno

We're just getting started and as such we are looking for folks interested in helping us build up this segment of our community.  If you have what it takes, look for "Sick" and talk to him to see about how we can proceed! Also read through our "Officers" requirements....

Team Silver 13/13 Heroic HFC

Congratulation's are due to our Horde raid team on the Area 52 server. Team Silver is now 13/13 Heroic Hellfire Citadel. The community is looking forward to seeing Mythic progression down the road.

Paladins Closed Beta Giveaway

On Thursday March 10, 2016, MrChimp will be giving away Paladins closed beta keys to our twitch stream followers from 9-11pm EST. This game looks amazing! If you haven't heard about it, go check it out. If you have... Look for MrChimp on our Teamspeak server and also...

OMG! Descent is alive!

Well, not yet, but they are working on it.  Keep your eyes on this re-make of a bad ass old classic PC game.  Click this link for more info.

Join us on Discord to use our text chat tool!

Yeah, I know, we're trying yet another chat app, but line has failed and this new tool looks pretty damned amazing. It also has voice which we can use as a backup Voice chat server in case our Teamspeak goes down. Click this link to learn more...

Space Engineers @ Ex Inferno!

Star Citizen meets Minecraft.  Yes. Crackrock you say?  If you are interested in playing this game go and talk to Octo.  He has set up a server for us and anyone wanting to play can msg him on our Discord app (Link above in Menu) or msg him on Teamspeak. Some Links...

We’re working on a new site…

Please pardon our dust while we work on a new version of Ex Inferno's website. Some things may be "Broken" here and there, but the main Forums link and Teamspeak links should be up and going. If not, don't bug Sick as he doesn't know anything about it. I promise. 🙂

Ex Inferno rocks Area 52! PvE Server Anyone?

PvE, FOR THE HORDE!  We've rounded out our offerings and now have a Horde PvE guild.  This allows us a little something for everyone: PvE & PvP on Horde & Alliance.  Join us, FOR THE HORDE!

Happy New Year to all in 2016!

Each year that passes, we make new friends.  I wanted to say how awesome it has been getting to know you guys and considering you a true part of my family.  To you and yours, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  May Santa bring you nothing but...

The Division launches March 2016!

Yeah, so... I've been pumped about this game for a long time and really thought it had fallen off the radar and was going to be a dud.  They've simply kept things under wraps and now apparently it's getting close to release! March 8th, 2016! Check out this gameplay...

Star Citizen 2.0.0 released!

This game is amazing!  I know I'll be playing it.  Get your ship and join us!  We have leadership but are always looking for more as well as dedicated members.  Talk to "PapaBear" or "Sick" on teamspeak if you are interested in joining.

Minecraft is back!

We have our own Minecraft server!  Come join us by killing some creepers and building stuffs.  🙂  If you have any questions find "Sick" or "Komyoji" on our Teamspeak server and we can help you out. Minecraft Server Info: exinferno.com