Space Engineers @ Ex Inferno!

Star Citizen meets Minecraft.  Yes. Crackrock you say?  If you are interested in playing this game go and talk to Octo.  He has set up a server for us and anyone wanting to play can msg him on our Discord app (Link above in Menu) or msg him on Teamspeak. Some Links...

We’re working on a new site…

Please pardon our dust while we work on a new version of Ex Inferno's website. Some things may be "Broken" here and there, but the main Forums link and Teamspeak links should be up and going. If not, don't bug Sick as he doesn't know anything about it. I promise. 🙂

Ex Inferno rocks Area 52! PvE Server Anyone?

PvE, FOR THE HORDE!  We've rounded out our offerings and now have a Horde PvE guild.  This allows us a little something for everyone: PvE & PvP on Horde & Alliance.  Join us, FOR THE HORDE!

Happy New Year to all in 2016!

Each year that passes, we make new friends.  I wanted to say how awesome it has been getting to know you guys and considering you a true part of my family.  To you and yours, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  May Santa bring you nothing but...

The Division launches March 2016!

Yeah, so... I've been pumped about this game for a long time and really thought it had fallen off the radar and was going to be a dud.  They've simply kept things under wraps and now apparently it's getting close to release! March 8th, 2016! Check out this gameplay...

Star Citizen 2.0.0 released!

This game is amazing!  I know I'll be playing it.  Get your ship and join us!  We have leadership but are always looking for more as well as dedicated members.  Talk to "PapaBear" or "Sick" on teamspeak if you are interested in...

Minecraft is back!

We have our own Minecraft server!  Come join us by killing some creepers and building stuffs.  🙂  If you have any questions find "Sick" or "Komyoji" on our Teamspeak server and we can help you out. Minecraft Server Info:

New Forums are set up! MyBB Returns!

So yeah, we used to use MyBB, but we're back to it.  We don't have anything other than a starter category set up right now but more will follow soon.  Click the "Forums" link and head over and create your account.  🙂

PvE comes to Ex Inferno!

We have this request from members for a long time, and well, we're finally doing it!  Our main Alliance PvE guild is going to be on Stormrage.   Hit us up!

Join us on Line App!

A great way for us to stay in touch out-of-game is "Line".  It's a free app for both Android and iPhone devices.  Look for me "Sick" or "Jessa702" to get an invite to our Ex Inferno chat group!  Hope to see you there!

Play Star Wars Battlefront Beta this weekend!

Yes!  You can download the beta now!  A lot of us are trying it out and playing all weekend.  Come get your blasters and bring your disillusion laser brains! Get Star Wars Battlefront Now!

Members can now invite & Other news!

In the olden days, Members could invite.  It was great.  We grew and needed some restraints in place to keep things not too big and well, I think we've figured out how to manage a large influx of members by now so we are lifting these restraints.  I think every member...

Alliance PvP Guild moves to Sargeras Realm!

Team Black, our Progression Raid Team, has moved over to Sargeras to have a much bigger pool of folks to recruit from.  Korgath is dying.  We've already moved our Horde guild from Korgath and this move was simply inevitable. Team Orange will still be staying behind...

Guild Wars 2 is picking up steam!

A lot of our members are now flocking to GW2 to enjoy the new free 2 play that has just recently been launched.  If you are interested in joining us, download the game and hop in our GW2 Teamspeak channel to chat!

Ex Inferno Horde moves to Bleeding Hollow Server!

We've been on Korgath for 5 years now, and well I'm sad to say it's time to say goodbye.  We wish everyone still there the best of luck.  We've moved to "Bleeding Hollow" because we feel it offers us a much better opportunity to recruit, grow and build our Horde...

Ex Inferno testing the skies in Skyforge

Skyforge has entered headstart, no more wipes. All character progression is saved. The game marries open world and vindictus style reward for preformance in mini dungeons. with almost 16 classes at launch and more coming before the summers end it's got tons of fun for...

Recruiting for The Harbinger! Empire & Republic

Ex Inferno has a long history with SW:TOR and we're working towards restoring our community and build up our offerings by switching to The Harbinger.  If you are interested in joining us... click the "Join Us!" link.

Recruitment kicking into overdrive for The Division!

Ex Inferno is pumped about Ubisoft's upcoming title "The Division".  If you are interested in joining us to help build for launch, come talk with us now!  We have tons of other games to play in the mean time.  Check us out! Click to check out The Division's...

H1Z1 Devs checking out our Base!

One of the H1Z1 Dev's are supposedly coming by to see our HUGE base.  🙂  We're pumped and hope they like what they find.  Check out these pics taken by DJ in the links below. Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3...

EVE Online comes to Ex Inferno!

I have tried to play this game for many years, and I decided to have a go at it again recently..  woot!  I'm hooked.  Having a blast.  🙂  We are currently looking for an FC, CEO and several other leadership positions.  If you are interested, please find Sick or...