Who are we?

The Ex Inferno gaming community was founded by a lot of folks really, and not by any one person. ElCoronel, Luke, Sele, FightSprawl, Juji, Anouk, Corie, Day, Komyoji, Wobble, Kib, Sebastian, Tuls, Solid, Emalde, Khryst, Zro, Rayzor, Treyou, Kyojin, Xdoc, Oceanus, Ossiferhat, Osidion, Berdclaw, Shortys, Arayha, Archaist, Monster, Decisive, Kitty, Quicksilver, Airlynn, Hipnix, Gwynnth, Cntrl, Nnyerix, Bob, Evilcaun, Ares, Avarax, VooDooU, Barbox, Deamo, Exa, Aces, Sarpadon, Jhu, Paw, Sybsidian, Downey, Tink, Bellemorte, Gallos, Zygsy, Aearo, Frezro, Krazdord, Rice, //aters, Muggen, Atali, Kujo, Claudia, Duracella, Kaeyos, Rossmjr, Endra, Georgeyporgy, Aimee, xXPESTELINCEXx, Princess, Octo, Grota, PapaBear, Jessa, MrChimp, SoulSyphon, Rastaf, AJZero, Mancowtree, Loco, Morphalexis, Sympathy, Kiraine, Brisket, Metalmama, Tes, Rob and tons of folks too numerous to mention.

We’ve had many names in the past; Keepers of the Groove, Unbreakable Wind (LOL), FrAnTiC fOr CaKe, Hey Girl Hey, Hate, Fly, Oo, Seethe, Serenity and finally chose Ex Inferno because it sounded cool and we could get the .com for it 🙂. Furthermore, it is latin for “Out of Hell”.  Our past motto’s have been “Progression over Personal Gain” and “Rise above the Flames!”  We’re moving in a new direction these days however and we’re all about:  “Join. Connect. Game On!”.

The idea behind it all though is to have a fun, loving, mature gaming community where everyone can and should feel welcome, regardless of their skill level.

Help us grow and apply now!

Green colored names indicate they have donated funds in some way, shape, form or fashion. Thank you!