Weekly WoW Round Up 3/6/18-3/12/18

  • Trial of Style ends 3/9 at 11:59 pm! Talk to a transmogrifier to compete against other players to see who has the sluttiest, I mean best, transmog in all of Azeroth!
  • Darkmoon Faire ends 3/10 at 11:59 pm! 10% exp boost for riding the carousel! Great for alts!
  • Pet Battle Bonus Event week! While this event is active, your pets will earn experience at triple the usual rate! Get out there and battle! Don’t forget to pick up the weekly quest which is pet battling!
  • PvP Brawl: Temple of Hotmogu week! Try out this fun new take on a classic BG!
  • Ex Inferno Xmog Contest 3/9 at 7 pm. Show your team colors, support your guild, farm out those xmogs, and enter to be the mascot/designer for your team and guild! Sign up on the calendar today!

Want to run an event? Anyone in the guild is welcome to host an event! Contact an officer if you need help setting it up or want to make sure it’s on the Weekly WoW Round Up list!

This week’s Mythic+ affixes are: Teeming (4), Explosive (7), Fortified (10)

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