Team Red has picked back up!

After struggling with different issues for a little while, Team Red pulled through and got down both Mythic Antoras High Command AND Mythic Eonar in the same weekend! So proud of everyone for sticking through and being a part of the team and making the raid a nice,...

Weekly WoW Round Up 3/20/18-3/26/18

See what’s happening this week for in the World of Warcraft! New raiding for Horde and Alliance! Whooooo!

I’ve been on FMLA

Ha, almost got ya! I have been away though handling family items which kept me away from raiding for a little over a month, but in my stead the teams officers have done an excellent job keeping the right team members on board and making progress. I left with us barely...

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Server Info

Below is a list of the official Ex Inferno game servers.

  • [WoW] PvE – Horde » Area 52
  • [WoW] PvP – Alliance » Stormrage (in development)


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“Respect and be kind to each other.”