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Team Cyan 7/7 H

While we are proud of ALL of our raid teams, Team Cyan is hitting shit hard and working on progression. Look for other crews to be dead on their heels. 🙂 Interested…

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We'll prepare you!

One of our members, Snipez, has taken upon himself to create an awesome guide to his experiences in the LEGION beta. Please click here for his LEGION survival guide.

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Punch some trees!

We have finally turned our Minecraft server back on after quite some time.  It is now whitelisted and a much better system has been setup.  Hope you like it!  Click the button below for more info.

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Server Info

Below is a list of the official Ex Inferno game servers.

  • [WoW] PvE – Alliance » Stormrage
  • [WoW] PvE – Horde » Area 52


Teamspeak is our Voice Communication client; much like Mumble or Vent. Click this link to connect!

TS3 Server Info: exinferno.com


Our Backup Voice Chat: Discord


@ Ex Inferno, we have a large number of Streamers. If you are a community member and want your stream linked in, talk to QuickSilver.

Ex Inferno

Community News


Ex Inferno 1/7 H EN!

Congratulations to #TeamCyan for getting the ball rolling on progression. Already making a name for ourselves on Area-52! Keep it ...
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Hollis hits 110!

Our first Alliance member has hit 110! We are very proud of him and our Ally crew. Keep it up ...
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First 110 / Grats Artrine

He's one of our Team Cyan DPS and is now the first in Ex Inferno to reach 110! Grats to ...
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Quicksilver promoted to Community Leader

It's a page turning event! I'm official stepping down as Community Leader and Quicksilver is stepping up! His Board of ...
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Community First, Community Always

We’re more than any one individual. No matter if it’s PvE or PvP; we all lend a hand to get the task done. Be a part of something special. Help us build a great community, one zombiemember at a time.

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About Us

is a community of the people and by the people. Every member is a rivet in the machine of progress.

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Core Values

These are the ties that bind us together as a community. Every member that joins agrees to uphold these core values.

“Respect and be kind to each other.”


We are currently taking donations to help fund software improvements and other bits for the community. Click the image below if you would like to help.