Makin it to Mythic

A new height for Team Pink! We've stepped into Mythic with the hope's of pushing ourselves into another realm of play, while keeping our teams core values close to heart.

Weekly WoW Round Up 4/3/18-4/9/18 – LOTS of stuff happening!

Omg so much stuff happening. You should check this out.

Kickin It!

2 Weeks Past, 2 Bosses Down! In classic Team Pink fashion, its about having the switch flip on a kill. Coven was a bit of a pain, but the team is feeling the rhythm and we cleared through and got Aggramar down as well. Those who have been waiting patiently to get...

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Discord is our real time voice and text chat application. Stay connected with the community 24/7 by clicking the link below. (Download the App on your PC or Mobile device)

Ex Inferno Discord Server

Community First, Community Always

We’re more than any one individual. No matter if it’s PvE or PvP; we all lend a hand to get the task done. Be a part of something special. Help us build a great community, one zombiemember at a time.

Server Info

Below is a list of the official Ex Inferno game servers.

  • [WoW] PvE – Horde » Area 52
  • [WoW] PvP – Alliance » Stormrage (in development)


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About Us

is a community of the people and by the people. Every member is a rivet in the machine of progress.

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Core Values

These are the ties that bind us together as a community. Every member that joins agrees to uphold these core values.

“Respect and be kind to each other.”