Team Green Achieves AOTC!!

Team GREEN!!!! They haven’t stopped and have casually stepped into Heroic Antorus! Continuing the dominance, they have brought down Argus to bring Ex Inferno into the realm of AOTC in the Burning Throne!!! Congratulations!

Harrison vs Resident Evil

Part 2 is up in the hilarious new series we have on our youtube channel. Drop by and hit that thumbs up button and watch as Harrison attempts to escape house #2!

Team Red

The horizon is filled with raiders! A fourth raid team has been added to our evergrowing roster of dominance within the instances of Azeroth! Welcome Team Red into the fold as they look the compete on the stages that Blizzard brings forth.

Fireteam Osiris

Play Destiny 2? Well a new team has stepped up to the tasks ahead! Apart of our exploding Destiny 2 crew, Fireteam Osiris has formed ready to strike!

Team Blue

A new challenger approaches! Sort of… our new casual and chill World of Warcraft raid group pillaging content Wednesdays and Thursdays 830 EST – 1030 EST. Want more information? Click the button below to enter our Discord and speak with someone today!

Are You Creative?

Want to work on a team of like-minded individuals creating some of the best content out there? Click below and join the team today!

Punch some trees!

We have finally turned our Minecraft server back on after quite some time.  It is now whitelisted and a much better system has been setup.  Hope you like it!  Click the button below for more info.

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Did you know we are also on twitter? Well now you do! Follow here for constant live updates, or for questions, comments and concerns.
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They’re Back!!!!

Just when you thought we were counted out. In standard "Team Pink" fashion, we had our high and took our low. With tremendous recruiting efforts by many, the group is focused and pushing progression. Gratz on 6-11 Heroic.

Team Red 2/11 Mythic!

After our in-game gambling session during break, Team Red's fiery spirits were refueled and ready for our final pull on Mythic Hounds. With 15 minutes to spare, we managed to down dogs with almost no casualties! We plan for our next challenge to be Mythic High...

Team Green breaks the Worldbreaker

Monday night, Team Green stepped into Mythic Antorus and gave Garothi Worldbreaker a good wollup. He never stood a chance. Some amazing attempts were put into Felhounds of Sargeras, so keep an eye here next week for that incoming kill shot! Good work, Green. Keep it...


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